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The Ultimate Kill Switch To Prevent Car Theft

Worried about car theft? It's a valid concern, considering that car thefts have been on the rise in the last few years. Equipping your vehicle with a kill switch to prevent car theft is a great idea to thwart thieves. However, not all kill switch options are created equal. In this blog, we'll go over just what a kill switch is and which ones are the most effective.

Ravelco has been stopping car theft since 1976 — with not one vehicle ever stolen.

Trusted by law enforcement officials around the country, Ravelco is the top choice for a kill switch to prevent car theft.

Kill switch to prevent car theft: Ravelco of Corpus Christi

What Is a Kill Switch?

A kill switch is an aftermarket device installed on a vehicle intended to prevent car theft. Kill switches work by interrupting some part of the car system required to start. The system interrupted by the kill switch will vary by application, but it can be systems like the fuel pump, fuse box, or ignition.

The first part of the kill switch is the interruption of a critical system. The second part is the switch itself. Kill switches work as an anti-theft measure because when you exit the vehicle, you flip the switch, and it becomes impossible to start the vehicle until the switch is flipped back. Unless you know where the switch is, you won't be able to start the vehicle. This creates difficulties for thieves.

Drawbacks of Traditional Kill Switches

Unfortunately, kill switches don't just create headaches for burglars, they can also be inconvenient to use for the vehicle owner. You see, the kill switch itself can't just be on the dash or in plain view. If it were, a thief would see it and simply flip the switch themselves, and proceed to drive off with your vehicle.

Instead, the kill switch must be hidden. This means that the switch could be installed underneath your hood somewhere, in a wheel well, or in the trunk. While these options are great because thieves probably won't find them, they aren't convenient for daily driving. To be an effective anti-theft measure, you would have to get under the hood or in the trunk each time you enter and exit your vehicle to flip the kill switch on and off. For a lot of busy folks, this just isn't feasible.

In addition to the switch needing to be hidden, the systems interrupted by the kill switch should also show no signs of tampering. This is because a lot of car thieves are, well, familiar with cars. If they really want your car and can't find the kill switch they may pop the hood and look for the system interrupted by the switch installation. If they can easily spot the alteration, they may have the skills to reverse it, rendering your kill switch useless.

The Best Kill Switch To Prevent Car Theft: Ravelco

Fortunately, there is an anti-theft system that has defeated all of the problems of traditional kill switches. If you want a kill switch to prevent car theft that actually works, it's time to learn about the Ravelco anti-theft device.

How the Ravelco Device Works

The Ravelco anti-theft device works as a kill switch does by interrupting crucial systems in your engine. However, unlike a traditional kill switch that only interrupts one system, the Ravelco interrupts several. The specific systems altered by the Ravelco are different for each installation. Further, the evidence of which systems are interrupted is camouflaged by a hidden armored steel cable. This way, no thief will be able to find and reverse the action of the kill switch.

The hidden armored steel cables are connected through the back of the Ravelco device. This device is mounted beneath or flush with the dashboard of your vehicle. No running around the car to pop the hood or the trunk like with traditional kill switches. The Ravelco is conveniently right at your fingertips from your driver's seat.

With its convenient location, you still don't have to worry about a thief simply flipping your switch. Instead of a switch, the Ravelco anti-theft device has a plug. This 16-pin male plug fits into the device mounted on your dash, and it completes all of the connections to start your vehicle. This plug, which doubles as a keychain when not in use, is completely unique to you. No two plugs are alike (well, except the spare we give you!), so no worrying about someone with a master plug starting your vehicle.

Ravelco of Corpus Christi — Let Us Protect Your Vehicle

The first Ravelco anti-theft device was installed in 1976. Since then, we've installed more than 6 million Ravelco devices — with not one vehicle ever stolen. If you want a kill switch to prevent car theft, don't trust a traditional kill switch. Trust the Ravelco anti-theft device. It's convenient, easy to use, and, most importantly, it's effective!

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