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How Are Cars Stolen Without Keys? What You Need To Know

Keyless car theft has been on the rise in the last few years. While keyless entry and start systems are convenient, they've created a massive security issue. Since 2019, car thefts have increased by over 21%, with an increasing number of these reports being for keyless entry thefts. If you're wondering how are cars stolen without keys, you're not alone. In this blog, we're detailing how criminals can gain access to your vehicle in just seconds by taking advantage of your keyless entry system, and what you can do to stop them.

Worried about car thieves using your keyless entry to steal your vehicle? Get peace of mind with the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device. Over 6 million installs and not one vehicle ever stolen! Get a Free Quote today!

What Is Keyless Car Theft?

Keyless car theft, also called relay theft, is a method of car burglary that doesn't require a key fob or an actual key. Thieves leverage the technology on vehicles that enables keyless entry and keyless start to steal the vehicle without ever needing a key.

These car thefts typically take less than two minutes, make little to no noise since they don't trigger audible alarms, and don't require broken windows or other harm to the vehicle. The qualities of keyless car theft make it very attractive to thieves. These qualities also make it very hard to catch these criminals.

How Are Cars Stolen Without Keys?

So, how are cars stolen without keys? Well, keyless car theft works by using something called a relay system device. This device needs two people to be effective and it comes in two parts. One of the thieves will use the device to stealthily follow/get close to you with your key fob. Once they are close enough, the relay device copies the signal from your key fob. Often, this can just be someone walking behind you in a parking lot. Some of these thieves even have devices strong enough to catch the signal from inside your house.

From there, the signal is sent to the other half of the relay device, where a thief uses that relay device just like they would your key fob. As far as the car knows, the relay device is your key fob — it can't tell the difference. So the thief simply opens your door, pushes to start, and drives away in your car with minimal effort and no evidence left. Below is a video demonstrating how this works.

Are Keyless Cars Easier To Steal?

Simply, yeah! Keyless cars are much easier to steal with the right equipment. However, some models are certainly more vulnerable. Some cars only have keyless entry, not keyless start. These cars are at a high risk of being broken into to steal your belongings, but will be harder to steal. The most vulnerable vehicles to keyless car theft are those with both keyless entry and keyless start.

How To Protect Your Vehicle from Keyless Car Theft

Keyless car theft has been on the rise for years. Unfortunately, even though manufacturers are seeking solutions to this problem, it seems keyless entry and start systems simply leave your car vulnerable.

You can try some of the options we've found online, like putting your keys in a metal box in the middle of your home every day so thieves' relay systems can't reach it. But that sounds a little ridiculous, no? Fortunately, we've got a solution that works.

The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device

The solution for unbeatable car theft prevention: the device recommended by law enforcement around the country. The Ravelco anti-theft system has been on the market since 1976, with not one vehicle ever stolen! With over 6 million installs since, the Ravelco record speaks for itself.

How The Ravelco Device Works

The device works by interrupting different systems of your engine, like a kill switch. These interrupted connections are protected by armored steel cables, and then camouflaged and wired through to the dashboard. Flush-mounted on or underneath the dashboard is the RAVELCO device. A unique 16-pin male plug that fits into the device makes all of the connections to start the vehicle.

The RAVELCO device is undeniably easy to use and convenient. The Ravelco system works by simply adding the plug to your keychain, and plugging and unplugging it right there on your dash whenever you enter or leave your vehicle.

There are several unique aspects of the Ravelco system that make it the best anti-theft car protection. First, the systems interrupted by the RAVELCO device vary from install to install. This means that nobody can get familiar with how the device works and go uninstall it from your vehicle. In fact, we often have fully-trained mechanics who have to call us in order to locate these systems and work on vehicles.

The Ravelco plug is also entirely unique. With the unique 16-pin configuration, no two Ravelco plugs are the same. (Well, except the spare you get, just in case!) This means no master plugs and no repeats. Nobody else with a Ravelco plug will be able to start your car.

Say Goodbye to Keyless Car Theft with Ravelco

While keyless car entry and start is a wonderfully convenient thing, thieves think it's just as convenient for them! The Ravelco anti-theft device will stop not only keyless car theft, but any other type of theft as well. A utilized Ravelco device has never been beaten since we started installing them in 1976. Call us today for a free quote and put keyless car theft worries behind you!

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