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Anti Theft On Car: What To Look For

Whether it's a new vehicle or an old favorite, having anti theft on a car can bring you peace of mind. But what is the best anti theft car protection? There are a lot of anti-theft device types on the market, but not many actually get the job done. In this blog, we'll explore the ins and outs of what makes a system for anti theft on car worth it, and which ones don't make the cut.

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The Three Musts: Easy-To-Use, Convenient, & Effective

When you start shopping for the best anti theft car protection, there are three primary factors that you should consider. First, is it easy to use? Second, is it convenient? And third, is it an effective anti theft on car system?

As much as you'd think any anti-theft device would have to cover these basics, you'd be surprised at how many miss the mark.

Anti theft on car: infographic for the best anti theft car protection

Easy To Use

There are many anti theft device types that simply aren't easy to use. Devices like brake locks, for example, are not the easiest to navigate. These locks must be put on the brake pedal itself, which requires getting out of your vehicle and crouching down into the floorboard space. This must be done each time you enter and exit your vehicle. For a daily driver, this solution is not easy to use.


Just because something is easy to use doesn't mean it's convenient. Consider the many types of hidden kill switches available; many of these operate by simply flipping a switch. Easy! However, most of these switches are located in very inconvenient spots. Many kill switches are operated under the hood, or even underneath the vehicle itself. Again, you would have to remember to flip that switch each time you enter and exit your vehicle for this to be an effective type of anti theft on car.

Similarly, anti theft devices like a wheel lock are inconvenient. Not only do you have to keep a clunky, heavy object within reach on a daily basis, but you have to maneuver it to lock and unlock each time you enter/exit the vehicle. Systems like this, while possibly effective with use, are ineffective because people simply stop using them. The best anti theft car protection is one that is convenient enough it actually gets used.


Last but not least, systems for anti theft on a car need to be effective! However, there are systems that are both easy to use and convenient, while still being utterly ineffective. Take the audible car alarm, for instance. These are usually entirely hands-free and don't need to be activated manually. Unfortunately, they are also almost entirely useless. In fact, many cities have laws that consider car alarms a nuisance. I mean, have you ever even seen someone look alarmed at the sound of a car alarm?

The Solution: Ravelco

The solution for the perfect anti theft on car system: the unbeatable device recommended by law enforcement around the country. The Ravelco anti-theft system has been on the market since 1976, with not one vehicle ever stolen! With over 6 million installs since, the Ravelco record is the undefeated champion for the best anti theft car protection.

How Ravelco Works

The device works by interrupting different systems of your engine, like a kill switch. These interrupted connections are protected by armored steel cables, and then camouflaged and wired through to the dashboard. Flush-mounted on or underneath the dashboard is the RAVELCO device. A unique 16-pin male plug that fits into the device makes all of the connections to start the vehicle.

The RAVELCO device is undeniably easy to use and convenient. The Ravelco system works by simply adding the plug to your keychain, and plugging and unplugging it right there on your dash whenever you enter or leave your vehicle. No crouching into weird spaces. No adding cumbersome locks to brakes or steering wheels.

The RAVELCO device is also effective. There are several unique aspects of the Ravelco system that make it the best anti theft car protection. First, the systems interrupted by the RAVELCO device vary from install to install. This means that nobody can get familiar with how the device works and go uninstall it from your vehicle. In fact, we often have fully-trained mechanics who have to call us in order to locate these systems and work on vehicles.

The Ravelco plug is also entirely unique. With the unique 16-pin configuration, no two Ravelco plugs are the same. (Well, except the spare you get, just in case!) This means no master plugs and no repeats. Nobody else with a Ravelco plug will be able to start your car.

Ravelco: Easy-To-Use, Convenient, & Effective

When you want an anti theft on car system that is proven to work, look no further than Ravelco. We have a proven track record of being the best anti theft car protection system on the market. And we're backed by 6 million happy customers — many of whom are law enforcement agencies and first responders around the country.

If you're ready to equip your vehicle with the only anti-theft system proven to work, contact us for a free quote today.

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