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Ravelco Reviews

On this page, we have compiled Ravelco anti theft device reviews from our awesome customers. Scroll through to read the countless stories of the Ravelco anti theft device saving the day and stopping thieves in their tracks. 

The Ravelco Anti Theft Device: How It Works

Before we get into a Ravelco review, let's take a quick refresher on how the Ravelco Anti Theft Device works. The device is installed either below or flush-mounted on the dashboard. From there, a hidden armored steel cable connects the device to the engine operations that the system interrupts. The only way to complete the connections and start the vehicle is by using the unique 16-pin male plug that doubles as a keychain. Simply plug into the device to start the vehicle, and unplug it to leave your vehicle entirely secured.

Everything about the Ravelco Anti Theft Device is unique to your vehicle. The systems interrupted under the hood vary from install to install. And, the plug/keychain that enables your vehicle to start is completely unique. There are NO master plugs, and no two plugs are the same! Except for your spare, of course. 

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Ravelco Anti Theft Device Reviews

"As soon as my stolen 2007 Ford F-350 was recovered, I had a Ravelco installed. The day after Christmas this year, I went to Baybrook Mall in Clear Lake. I came out and opened the door. As I reached in to install the plug, I noticed parts from my ignition lying on the floorboard. I looked, and sure enough thieves had tried to steal my truck, again. If I hadn’t had the Ravelco, I’m sure the truck would be gone. With the Ravelco, I’ll only be out a couple of hundred dollars instead of several thousand (I had just put on a lift kit and oversized tires & rims)!"

Barry Williams, Houston, TX

"I wanted to send you and RAVELCO an unsolicited note to thank you for installing such a great product into my FORD F250. I cannot tell you how highly I recommend this product to ANYONE who wants to protect their investment. As you know I had my truck stolen and completely stripped in October 2009, however, since recovering the truck (or what was left of it in December) and subsequently installing RAVELCO, there have been two new attempts to steal it (once from an office building and once from a restaurant parking lot) and the thieves were completely unsuccessful. For anyone who has any doubt that this device is legit, please feel free to show them this email. Best Regards"

Sean Hill Schulgen, President, Mustang Realty Group, LLC, Dallas, Texas

"Protection Perfection"

Denise Adams, Staff Reporter, The Fort Bend Herald Newspaper, Fort Bend County, Texas

"Congratulations, Ravelco. Your great product saved my 2017 Jeep Wrangler from being someone else’s Jeep last night. Because we always remove our doors and our windows are plastic, we chose not to have your Ravelco stickers applied on them. Well, last night some scumbag cut right through the window and opened the door. They went on to destroy my ignition and were able to turn on every light on in the dash trying to start and steal my JK. But thanks to your Ravelco they were stopped in their tracks. God Bless Ravelco."

Kent L. – Sugarland, Texas

Ravelco Reviews: The Consensus Is Clear

The reviews above are just a handful of opinions from the over 6 million installs of the Ravelco anti theft device. It's no surprise that these reviews are so positive — with not one vehicle ever stolen from a properly utilized Ravelco device. You can read more Ravelco Reviews here

Interested in a Ravelco anti theft device of your own? Let us bring you some peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. Contact us today for a free quote to get started.

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