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Ravelco Anti Theft Device is installed in the vehicle dash

Ravelco Anti Theft Device

When you're looking for anti-theft protection for your vehicle, look no further than Ravelco Anti Theft. The Ravelco Anti Theft Device has been installed in over 6 million cars and trucks — with not one vehicle ever stolen.

Why Ravelco Anti Theft

Ravelco has been ensuring the safety of vehicles since 1976 when the first Ravelco anti theft device was installed. Since then, RAVELCO devices have been in continuous production, with only material improvements made. The design of the RAVELCO device has stayed the same, and for good reason. With over 6 million installations and not one vehicle ever stolen, there's really no room for improvement. 

Law enforcement officials across the country recommend Ravelco anti theft as the top choice for anti theft devices for vehicles. Trust the brand used by fire trucks, rescue vehicles, and law enforcement fleets of all kinds: Ravelco anti theft has got your vehicle covered. 

How the RAVELCO Anti Theft Device Works

The Ravelco anti theft system works by disrupting several circuits of the engine in your vehicle. The specific connections interrupted vary by installation, so no two Ravelco anti theft systems are quite the same. This ensures no thief can learn how to uninstall a RAVELCO — even trained mechanics have to contact us to locate the RAVELCO hookups on vehicles. The connections from the RAVELCO are then further hidden and protected by an armored steel cable. 

The Ravelco anti theft system is completed with the device being installed under or flush mounted in the dashboard of the vehicle. From there, a 16-pin male plug makes all of the electrical connections. This plug is another aspect of the RAVELCO anti theft device that is entirely unique to your vehicle. No two Ravelco anti theft plugs are the same (except for the spare that comes standard) — so rest assured nobody could ever start your vehicle by gaining access to another plug. 

The plug, which attaches as a keychain when not in use, makes all of the electrical connections to start your vehicle. Simply plug it into the conveniently located dash device, and go on about your driving. When you exit the vehicle, just remove the plug along with your keys — and your vehicle is guaranteed safe

Ravelco Anti Theft: Anti Theft Made Simple

Most anti theft systems are either not convenient, difficult to use, or just plain don't work. Think hidden switches you have to get under the hood to flip, brake locks you have to hunch down to reach, or audible alarms that get ignored by every passerby in existence. These difficult and outdated practices won't keep your vehicle safe. 

Ravelco anti theft is a system that works because of its simplicity. The RAVELCO anti theft device is easy to use — just plug it and unplug it, conveniently located — no hard-to-reach places or extra locks, and most importantly, it's effectiveThere has never been a vehicle stolen with a properly installed and utilized Ravelco Anti Theft Device. 

When you're ready to arm your vehicle with the system recommended by law enforcement around the nation, contact us about Ravelco anti theft. We're excited to add your vehicle to the list of over 6 million vehicles protected by Ravelco Anti Theft. Contact us today for a free quote for a RAVELCO anti theft device for your vehicle. 

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