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Car Alarm Systems Near Me

While not exactly a car alarm, the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device is the premier solution to vehicle theft. With over 6 million installations and not one vehicle ever stolen, you can enjoy peace of mind with Ravelco. 

Looking for Car Alarm Systems Near Me? We'll do you one better with an anti-theft system that actually works! Let Ravelco of Corpus Christi help you secure your vehicle today.

Car alarm systems near me: Ravelco of Corpus Christi anti theft device

Why Ravelco?


Any vehicle anti-theft system needs to be convenient to use. While this seems like a no brainer, there are so many anti theft device types that juse aren't. Think switches located under the hood or in the trunk — these are simply not convenient enough for use in a daily driver.

Easy To Use

Along the same lines of convenient, a good anti theft device will be easy to use. Devices like clunky brake locks require you to get down to eye-level into the floor boards to secure your vehicle each time you enter and exit. Plain and simple, if it's not easy to use, you probably won't.


The most obvious seeming of them all, car anti-theft systems need to be effective! Easy to use and convenient are great, but effective might be the most important. Even if you find the best car alarm systems near me, they are still not an effective theft deterrant. 

Car Alarm Systems Don't Cut It

While car alarms may have worked when they first showed up on vehicles in 1954, they're a thing of the past when it comes to effective anti-theft devices. Sure, audible car alarms are easy to use and convenient. You don't need to activate and deactivate them under the hood or in the trunk. You don't need to lug around large steering wheel or brake locks. But, they really drop the ball when it comes to effectiveness.

When is the last time you heard a car alarm? Did you run outside to deter a thief? Even take a peek at the possibility of a thief? More than likely, you ignored it. Audible car alarms are so ineffective because we've all just gotten used to them. In fact, many people know audible car alarms as "nuisance alarms." And they are surely a nuisance; many cities even have statutes categorizing car alarms as a public nuisance. 

If you're looking for car alarm systems near me as an effective theft deterrent, it's probably better to look for a different solution that actually works. 

How the Ravelco Anti Theft Device Works

The Ravelco anti theft system works by disrupting several circuits of the engine in your vehicle. The specific connections interrupted vary by installation, so no two Ravelco anti theft systems are quite the same. This ensures no thief can learn how to uninstall a RAVELCO — even trained mechanics have to contact us to locate the RAVELCO hookups on vehicles. The connections from the RAVELCO are then further hidden and protected by an armored steel cable. 

The Ravelco anti theft system is completed with the device being installed under or flush mounted in the dashboard of the vehicle. From there, a 16-pin male plug makes all of the electrical connections. This plug is another aspect of the RAVELCO anti theft device that is entirely unique to your vehicle. No two Ravelco anti theft plugs are the same (except for the spare that comes standard) — so rest assured nobody could ever start your vehicle by gaining access to another plug. 

The plug, which attaches as a keychain when not in use, makes all of the electrical connections to start your vehicle. Simply plug it into the conveniently located dash device, and go on about your driving. When you exit the vehicle, just remove the plug along with your keys — and your vehicle is guaranteed safe

Ravelco: The Anti Theft Solution that Works

The first Ravelco Anti-theft device was installed in 1976, and we've been passionate about keeping vehicles secure ever since. In the last almost 50 years, the RAVELCO device has been installed on over 6 million vehicles — with not one vehicle ever stolen. This is due to the fact that the Ravelco anti-theft system is convenient, easy to use, and most importantly, effective. 

Don't let your vehicle become another burglar's prize by looking for car alarm systems near me. Get the solution loved by law enforcement and proven to work. Use the button below to get a free quote on an installation from Ravelco of Corpus Christi. 

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