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Car Alarm Systems Installation Near Me

Looking for car alarm systems installation near me? Look no further than Ravelco of Corpus Christi! We have been installing Ravelco Anti-theft Devices since 1976 — with not one vehicle ever stolen! With over 6 million installs since, that's a record you can trust. 

Car Alarms Aren't the Solution

While you may have been searching for car alarm systems installation near me, you're probably really searching for an effective anti-theft system for your vehicle. Unfortunately, car alarms are not an effective anti-theft system. Though they may have been effective at one time, in today's world, car alarms are just noise. 

Think about the last time you ran out of your home or office to check on a car alarm for a burglar. Not coming to mind? Most of us simply ignore car alarms. In fact, many cities have even written language into their nuisance noise laws to include audible car alarms. Because car alarms are just that: a nuisance. Not an effective anti-theft system.


How the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device Works

The Ravelco Anti-theft system works by mounting the device on your dashboard. Through the back of the device runs camouflaged, armored steel cables that connect to different areas of your engine. The Ravelco device disrupts several systems under the hood. However, each Ravelco installation is unique — so no two systems will be exactly the same. 

These system interruptions do not allow the vehicle to start at all. That is, unless you have your Ravelco plug. Your plug doubles as a convenient keychain, and when plugged into the dash-mounted device, it completes all of the connections to start the vehicle. 

The plug itself is as unique as the installation process. Each 16-pin male plug is entirely unique in its pin positions. Well, except for the spare you get! 

Why Ravelco?

Searching for car alarm systems installation near me won't do you much good if you're looking for a truly effective anti-theft solution. Fortunately, the Ravelco anti-theft system is here as the obvious choice.

Let's take a look at the qualities an anti-theft device should possess:

The Ravelco anti-theft device is easy to use — simply plug in your Ravelco plug and go. It's convenient — with the plug doubling as a keychain and plugging in right on your dash. And best of all, it's effective — over 6 million Ravelcos have been installed with not one vehicle ever stolen.

"Protection Perfection"

Denise Adams, Staff Reporter, The Fort Bend Herald Newspaper, Fort Bend County, Texas


Protect Your Vehicle with Ravelco of Corpus Christi Today 

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